Lineup Instructions

Please review the following information carefully. Please forward all instructions to the other participants in your group. Thank you!

Find your lineup location

Your lineup location and number is shown in the file linked below. Please note your location and number and plan to arrive at 8:30 am on Monday, May 27 following the lineup directions below.

Lineup Locations

A: Kennett High School, enter on South Union

B: Borough Hall, enter at 600 South Broad

C: Birch Street, enter from Walnut Street

Parking and traveling through Kennett Square before the parade is challenging after 9:00 am when streets barricades are setup. Late arrivals may not be able to participate in the parade.

Please identify your exact lineup location here:

Parade Lineup (sorted by number)

Convertibles, Hot Rods, & Antique Cars
We invite our veterans and dignitaries to ride in these cars at the front of the parade. Please plan to arrive at the lower lot at Kennett High School at 8:30 am so that we can match you with a vet. Thank you providing transportation and visibility for our vets (and showing off your cool car)!

Parking & Transportation

Participant Parking

Please carpool and make dropoff and pickup arrangements!

Parking is limited. You may find parking at the Baseball & Softball lot or Legacy Fields. Street parking is permitted except along the parade route or where street closures are designated.

  • Lukens Band: Parking at Kennett Square Community Park, 271 E South Street, is reserved for the Lukens Band.
    Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps: Parking at the YMCA Pool, 636 S Walnut, is reserved for the Bushwackers. Lot must be cleared by 12:00 pm for pool operating hours.

Remote Parking & Shuttle
Ample parking is available at Unionville High School, 740 Unionville Rd, with a complementary shuttle running on a loop to Kennett Library, S. Willow and E. State, between 8:30 am and 12 pm.

Oxford–Kennett Shuttle
Krapf School Bus will run an Oxford–Kennett Shuttle for spectators or participants on the southwest side of town. The bus will depart Oxford Library at 8 am & 8:30 am with stops at Avon Grove Library (8:15 & 8:45), Avondale Apartments (8:30 & 9), Saint Rocco Church (8:45 & 9:15), and Mighty Writers (9 & 9:30), arriving at Las Rosas Drive near lineup.

(As long as all vehicles & floats have arrived at 8:30 am, walking participants may join their groups at lineup between 8:30 and 9:30 am.)

The return shuttle will depart from Center Street and Las Rosas Drive at 11:30 am and 12 pm.

Parade Route
The parade begins at 10 am at the intersection of Union Street and South Street, traveling north to Cypress Street, turning east on Cypress to Broad Street, turning north on Broad to State, turning west on State to Union Street, turning north on Union to conclude at Union Hill Cemetery.

Pause for consolidation
The front of the parade will pause briefly at the intersection of State Street and Union Street to allow gaps in the parade to close at the end of the parade.

Parade announcers will shout out each group and float that passes by, and this year we will have three announcers along the route, including one Spanish-speaking announcer!

  • 500 Block of S Union St (Spanish)
  • Union Street and Magnolia St (English)
  • 100 Block of E. State Street (English)
Route Map

Safety & Guidelines

In the event of an emergency, please call 911 first, and then notify a parade volunteer who will be wearing a yellow parade staff t-shirt or vest.

Weather & Activity Preparedness
Please come prepared for the weather and parade activities, including water for hydration, sunscreen, proper footwear and clothing, snacks, a fully charged cell phone, etc.

With more than 100 entries in this year’s parade, it’s important for each group to keep up with the group in front of it. Please don’t cause a gap in the parade! Keep performances short and if you see a gap forming in front of you, quicken your pace to catch up.

Gifts, Candy, etc
For safety reasons, Kennett Square does not permit parade participants to throw candy or any other items that might cause children to run into the street.

Flag Distribution
We invite Scouts to hand out US flags in advance of the parade. BSA Troop 53 will lead flag distribution. Please keep clear of the military groups marching in the front of the parade. No skateboards, please.

While the weather forecast looks great, we reserve the right to cancel the parade due to extreme weather or other unforeseen emergencies. If there is a cancellation for any reason, it will be announced to participants by email and posted at

Thank you to our sponsors