Returning to Kennett Square on Sunday, June 2nd, the award-winning Clover Market brings together the best of handmade and vintage artistry, delicious local food, and live music. Janet Gardner Long, founder of Clover Market, shares the origins of this fantastic event, a little bit about herself, and how it has become a Kennett biannual mainstay.

(this story was originally written and published in October, 2023)

An Accessible High Quality Popup Event

Janet Gardner Long, Founder (left) with Pat Norton, lovely & steady onsite co-pilot (right)

Clover Market sprouted its roots in the spring of 2010 as a passion “side project” for Janet Gardner Long, who lived in Ardmore at the time. Long envisioned as an outdoor popup event that would seamlessly combine antiques, handcrafted items, and artistry. “While there were higher end art shows around and flea markets of course,” shared Long, “there wasn’t anything at the time that had a combination of all of these types of items at a high quality level—but still price accessible.” After a rigorous approval process, the market received the green light and made its debut in Ardmore with 25 vendors. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and Clover Market quickly expanded to include locations in Chestnut Hill, Bryn Mawr (which replaced Ardmore when the customer parking lot was developed), Collingswood, and eventually Kennett Square. Today, the market boasts 90-100 vendors at each location, alongside food trucks, live music, and community partners, making it a vibrant, must-visit destination for all, and has won many Best of Philly and Best of Main Line awards, most recently winning the accolade of Best of Philly’s “Best Use of a Sunday Afternoon.”

Long is the driving force behind this “scrappy one-woman business,” and she brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the venture. Her professional background encompasses a wide range of skills, including advertising, marketing, design, and project management. Clover Market provided her with an opportunity to blend these diverse talents and feed her love for learning and connecting people—which is all palpably experienced to attendees and vendors alike.

The Kennett Square Connection

Clover Market in Kennett Square since 2017

The journey of Clover Market to Kennett Square was orchestrated by Tara Dugan, founder of worKS, who saw the potential in bringing the market to our charming borough. Tara had previously been a vendor at Clover Market under a different name, Scout and Annie, and her local roots gave her unique insights into Kennett Square’s community. After getting the green light from Genesis, the property’s owner at the time, and Kennett Collaborative, the market made its Kennett Square debut in late June 2017. These days, with worKS being only two blocks from the current Clover Market site, many patrons choose to visit both locations to complete the afternoon.

Now, Clover Market has become a fixture in the Kennett Square community, with two events taking place each year. Long, now lives nearby, and is enjoying its open and welcoming charm to the fullest. “I love that open land preservation is valued here as are the arts,” says Long. “It’s really a special place.” She and her husband, now empty nesters, are taking full advantage of their new home, exploring local hiking trails, trying out new restaurants, and participating in community events that the town is so well-known for. Notably, Long mentioned how “many great events there are locally and how much everyone comes out to support them!”

In conclusion, the Clover Market is not just a market; it’s a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship, community, and the creative spirit. As the market continues to thrive, it remains a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit, community support, and the enduring charm of Kennett Square.

We hope to see you on June 2 to experience the enchantment of Clover Market for yourself!

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Thank you to Janet for sharing her story and photos!