In the realm of health and wellness, the journey is often a personal and multifaceted experience. Kara Gibbons, the owner of KSquared Health Coaching, has emerged as a beacon of guidance and support for individuals, couples, and families seeking a holistic approach to well-being. Rooted in a personal tribute to her sister, Robin, Kara’s mission extends beyond the conventional boundaries of health coaching, embracing a comprehensive view of the interconnected aspects of life. What sets this coaching program apart is its commitment to a holistic approach, which addresses physical health, mental well-being, lifestyle choices, and personal development.

The Wholistic Approach

KSquared Health Coaching doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality. As a certified health coach, Kara emphasizes a comprehensive approach to health that spans 12 crucial areas she defines as the “Circle of Life.” This includes home environment, health history, joy, meditation, goals, and accountability. The overarching goal is to empower individuals, couples, and families to embrace their true selves, transcending societal taboos around health and wellness.

Within the first discovery call, clients are encouraged to share their goals and real everyday lives. “Often clients come in with a goal that they believe will require limitations,” Kara shared. “Rather than focus on limitations, we focus on expansion.” This expansion begins with a six-month experience, which includes bi-weekly sessions and weekly check-ins. From these sessions, check-ins, reminders, and gifts Kara eagerly provides, clients are introduced to a more excellent range of choices. “Empowerment comes from realizing that you have the agency to shape your well-being journey,” Kara encourages.

The Journey of Kara

A profoundly personal experience shapes Kara’s journey into health coaching – the passing of her beloved sister, Robin, after battling with colon cancer for just over two years. Kara found herself navigating grief while simultaneously adapting to new motherhood. Like most women, she was keenly aware of her sister’s tendency to put others first and not prioritize listening to their bodies and systems. Through this challenging period, she vowed to make a shift while gaining clarity on how to honor her sister’s memory and make a meaningful impact on the world, thus birthing KSquared Health Coaching.

Thus motivated, Kara pursued her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and ongoing education, including a nearly completed gut health certification, reflecting her commitment to providing clients with the most up-to-date and relevant guidance in their wellness journeys. 

Even in day-to-day interactions, Kara always looks to honor her sister by asking, “Have you had your colonoscopy?” She proudly related that “at least 100 polyps have been removed” by this question or by sharing her sister’s story.

Bio-Individuality and Empowerment

KSquared Health Coaching places a strong emphasis on bio-individuality. Recognizing everyone’s journey is unique, Kara focuses on guiding clients through change by raising awareness of alternative choices. She advocates for a shift from rigid ideologies to working within the individual circumstances of her clients’ lives.

As Kara explains, “We all need guides. Change is hard, and we all need support in the ‘hard.’ Our systems follow our typical neuropathways, and the first step is awareness—that another choice is even an option.”

The stories of KSquared Health Coaching clients are the most incredible display of the empowered living Kara supports and champions.

Sarah Hutchins

A single mom and local realtor, Sarah sought Kara’s guidance to address low energy and discomfort with how clothes fit her body. In the fall of 2022, she recognized that she wanted a change and was encouraged to consider working with Kara. A long-time runner who has always exercised for her mental health, Sarah was struck in her discovery session with Kara that she incorporated all aspects of well-being, including meditation. Encouraging her curiosity about meditation, Kara gifted Sarah a meditation app, which Sarah now uses as a centering practice, which she finds “absolutely worth the time she puts into it.” 

Through Kara’s support, Sarah lives by the motto, “Small changes add up to big changes.” Kara’s guidance includes practical aspects of life organization, from physically re-organizing her pantry to meal planning to prioritizing herself. Where in the past, lunches were packed for her kids, Sarah now includes herself, ensuring she has what she needs for a full day. Sarah also regularly carves out time for herself, including solo yoga sessions. These “small changes” have resulted in positive shifts in Sarah’s energy levels and overall well-being.

Her work with Kara has also adjusted how her family looks at food. “Food is now a mindfulness practice” for Sarah and her children, who are more open to trying new things. Kara’s support has eased the tasks of grocery shopping and cooking at home. Consistently dropping off or texting recipes to try, Kara introduced Sarah to one of her now-favorite dishes, a Buffalo Cauliflower and Chickpea Casserole [recipe below!].

“Kara is generous with her time, thoughtful and giving. She makes you feel the best about yourself at all stages, not just when you reach a goal. There are no deficits for Kara; she is always positive.” – Sarah Hutchins

Lindsay Cook & Nate Stuhlmiller

As a couple, Lindsay, a financial coach, and Nate, a corporate lawyer, initially turned to KSquared Health Coaching to address health concerns. Introduced to Kara through their mutual interest in Kennett Community Grocer, they began working with Kara after an annual doctor’s visit revealed Nate’s increased cholesterol. As heart disease ran in his family history and cancer in her family history propelled them to take some action. 

Lindsay recalled that during their first discovery call, Kara bridged an unexpected gap within their combined lived experience. Where Lindsay reported that two and sometimes three meals each day were created at home, Nate reported that 20% of his meals were homemade. After a full day, dinner was the “easiest thing to outsource,” Lindsay comments. Not realizing that would be yet another meal out for Nate, the couple often ordered in. Now, through their work with Kara, there is a strategy for cooking at home, including adding small, healthier options to all meals. Where ordering out was the “easier” option in the past, with Kara’s help, they find it easier to make their meals at home, confident that a whole, healthy meal can be thrown together from their well-stocked pantry.

Kara’s motto has always been “Try this,” which has extended the couple’s historically and self-reported “picky” palates, including vegetarian and vegan options, which did not seem probable in the past. Even their young daughter has been included in these food adventures. Kara dropped off a recipe book, encouraging their daughter to find three recipes she wanted to try and make with her mom. After trying peas in her mac & cheese for the first time, Kara dropped off a gift in a thoughtful gesture to nurture her boldness.

The shifts were not solely related to food but also included overall well-being. The couple practiced deep breathing together with Kara during sessions. Kara encouraged Lindsay, in particular, to not look at “rest as a reward,” as many women do, but rather “rest just because you want to,” a shift that Lindsay is grateful for. Kara’s coaching also took an unplanned turn towards exploring Lindsay’s vertigo, a struggle she had endured for years. One of the causes of vertigo can occasionally include a brain tumor, and although her doctor assured her that was more than likely not the case and a scan was not needed, Kara asked the question: “Will you feel better if you do it?” The answer for Lindsay resulted in pursuing the brain scan, which wonderfully came back negative.

Lindsay encourages those intrigued but hesitant to take the first step that it is  “worth the conversation. What do you have to lose?” As a financial coach herself, Lindsay is well aware of how change can’t simply happen. It takes more than just education but a psychological approach to being curious about why we do what we do—something that Lindsay appreciates about Kara.

“Kara is the neighbor everyone wants, even if she doesn’t live next door. She is a loving, supportive, and giving person. You can talk with her about anything.” – Lindsay Cook

David Williams

David, a local realtor and Kennett Square resident, first met Kara as she dropped off a meal at his house. After the birth of their son, David and his partner were embraced by those amidst their small block in Kennett through a meal train. This led to a friendship with Kara and her family, naturally leading to conversations regarding health and wellness. David eventually was compelled to work with Kara to focus on his overall life balance. He had begun this shift independently, and Kara’s support and grace have propelled this shift even more. David has always been a “work first person,” finding meaning and success in his work, and now, with a partner and three children, he desires to find a greater balance, which is now sustainable thanks to his work with Kara.

“I’ve always loved helping others solve things,” David shares. And while that does “fill him up,” Kara has also encouraged him to set aside time for himself. In their sessions together, David kept mentioning that he wanted to “get into ceramics.” One day, Kara came prepared with a gift certificate for David to Centered Clay Studio, where you can now find him every Thursday morning.

One significant result of David’s work with Kara is encapsulated in his current go-to mantra: “You are stronger than ___________.” This empowering mantra evolved from Kara’s simple question about David’s visits to a favorite fast-food chicken restaurant. “Kara asked, ‘Are you more powerful than the chicken sandwich?’ A simple question that has evolved into an empowering mantra that I continually return to,” David says. 

Kara excels at sharing “tangible, easily digestible concepts.” Ones that are easily met. “And, who in life doesn’t need little wins?” David enthusiastically adds. These seemingly simple concepts increase awareness, one of the major results of David’s work with Kara. For example, his resolution for the year is to put down the phone and be present with the people he is with.

“The beauty of Kara is that she is confident about what she knows, and there is not a single thing about her that is not endearing. She is gentle but clear, not hesitating to steer you back on track to your goals.” – David Williams

Initiate the Conversation

KSquared Health Coaching, through the compassionate guidance of Kara Gibbons, is not merely a coaching program but a community of individuals dedicated to holistic well-being.  Through her journey, dedication to ongoing education, and the impactful stories of her clients, Kara has created a space where individuals can navigate a wellness journey with authenticity, awareness, and empowerment. As the ripple effects of her coaching reach beyond individuals to impact families and communities, Kara continues to be a beacon of hope and positive change in health and wellness. 

Join Kara at one of her many events throughout the community, including the next installment of the Health on Tap series at Kennett Brewing Company on March 13th. Along with her health and wellness partners, Kara will present “A Night of Women’s Wellness” you won’t want to miss! And be on the lookout for an upcoming EmpowHer Wellness Retreat, a collaboration with Sarah Nurry and other local health and wellness specialists. Back after a four-and-a-half-year hiatus, local women anticipate the return of this full-day focus on personal well-being, including guest speakers, breakout sessions, hot topics (menopause, alcohol, and more), and meditations.

For those hesitant to take the first step, the message is clear: initiate a conversation with Kara. It could be the catalyst for a life-changing journey toward increased well-being.

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