Kennett Collaborative’s new Collaborator program provides a simple, meaningful way for everyone who loves Kennett Square to be part of a bigger vision to help make their favorite town thrive.

Kennett Collaborative Executive Director Daniel Embree has announced this new program, launching today to coincide with the nonprofit’s 37th anniversary of incorporation. “Anyone can become a 2023 Collaborator with a donation of $150 or more,” Embree explains. “Our Collaborators love Kennett Square and show their pride for this great town by supporting the programs and events that make Kennett such a special place.”

Collaborators receive a Collaborator Card and a number of benefits, including exclusive promotions and discounts at participating Kennett businesses, early access to ticket sales for events including BrewfestWinterfest, and Summerfest, and monthly Collaborator emails detailing new and ongoing benefits and opportunities as well as “first to know” updates with news from around town.

Great communities—places where people want to live, spend time, shop, dine, and be part of community programs and events—don’t happen by accident. “It takes vision, leadership, fresh ideas, and ongoing work to keep communities like Kennett Square vibrant. This is the work that the Kennett Collaborative staff and board do every day,” Embree says. “As a nonprofit, we depend on individuals and local business owners to support what we do. Through the Collaborator program, we’re inviting everyone to join a new community of individuals and businesses who are demonstrating their love for Kennett Square by investing in the daily, year-round work that makes this place the best it can be for every resident, employee, and visitor.”

“Kennett Collaborative’s mission is to make Kennett Square the most beautiful town in America, where people from different backgrounds, generations, and walks of life are welcome and can afford to live and contribute to the community, where new architecture complements old, where creativity flourishes, and where everyone can belong and prosper,” Embree says.

A few of Kennett Collaborative’s many programs and events include (clockwise from top left): the year-round weekly KSQ Farmers Market, Christmas in Kennett, Third Thursdays on State Street, and Kennett Blooms: Floral Flash.

The revitalization work that the organization now known as Kennett Collaborative began in 1986 has grown over the years to put Kennett Square on the map as a vibrant destination in every season. In the past few weeks alone, Kennett Square businesses and events received dozens of Best of MainLine Today 2023 nominations, and Kennett Winterfest was recognized as one of the biggest festivals in the area by Visit Philly. The year-round KSQ Farmers Market is one of the best quality grower and producer in the region, the weekly Around the Square newsletter has thousands of readers, and events and placemaking programs like Third Thursdays, Kennett Blooms, the Kennett Square Memorial Day Parade, Christmas in Kennett, Kennett Brewfest, and the Holiday Village Market draw many thousands of people to Kennett Square every year.

“We’re grateful to the 18 businesses that have already joined us as Collaborators, and we’re excited to welcome community members, as well as more businesses, to this new program,” Embree says. “Each Collaborator will help us expand the programs and events in Kennett Square they know and love.”

To become a Collaborator and learn more about the program, click here.

The Collaborator card entitles Collaborators to special benefits to help them enjoy Kennett Square to the fullest.