Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As a fairly new resident of Kennett Square, last year’s Memorial Day Parade was one of my first opportunities to experience the town’s sense of community spirit in person. After moving to Kennett during the pandemic, I was eager to participate in a local event that would allow me to meet new people and celebrate the town’s traditions.

The parade was truly spectacular and full of charm as the participants marched in front of the beautiful buildings of Union Street. As I stood on the sidewalk, surrounded by families and children waving American flags and cheering, I felt a sense of pride and belonging. It was inspiring to see so many people come together to honor the sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans, and it made me feel even more grateful to call Kennett Square my home. Afterwards, I remember saying out loud, “This is why we moved here.”

It was clear to me then that the parade committee—comprised of dedicated volunteers from the American Legion, VFW, and numerous local businesses and nonprofits—had worked hard to organize a memorable and meaningful event. Now, nearly a year later, as the new Executive Director of Kennett Collaborative, I am serving on that committee and have the opportunity to see even more clearly all of the time and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make the parade what it is.

Special thanks go to Dave Haradon who chairs the committee. Kennett Collaborative also plays an important role, raising funds and administering the parade’s finances, marketing, and working with the Borough, Public Works, and the Police Department to secure the necessary permits and resources to ensure a safe and successful community event for the thousands of people who come to Kennett to experience it.

As we prepare for this year’s Memorial Day Parade, I encourage everyone to get involved, volunteer, sponsor, and/or donate to the event at Our community’s ability to come together and celebrate our shared values is what makes Kennett Square so special, and the parade is an important tradition that helps us do just that. It’s no wonder the parade was nominated for a Best of the Main Line award!

Whether you are a long-time resident or a newcomer like me, the Memorial Day Parade is an opportunity to gather together with our neighbors and show our appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans. I hope that you will consider volunteering or donating to help ensure that this year’s parade is just as memorable and meaningful as the last.

Let’s celebrate our town and our nation’s heroes. Please join me in making the 2023 Kennett Square Memorial Day Parade a success!

Warm regards,
Daniel Embree
Executive Director, Kennett Collaborative