Charlene and Renee Richardson, the driving force behind ANCHOR life + fitness, have infused their love of family, community, fitness, and the great outdoors into every aspect of their gym. Nestled in the heart of Kennett Square, this unique fitness studio stands out for its inclusive community and commitment to a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit. Offering a wide range of services, from personal training and group fitness classes to yoga, meditation, massage, and nutrition counseling, ANCHOR members can achieve their health and fitness goals in a positive and supportive environment.

As a personal trainer, the idea of creating a welcoming space where people from all walks of life could come together to become healthier, happier humans through strength training, active recovery, nutrition, and wellness was always in the back of Charlene’s mind. In October 2016, the dream of ANCHOR life + fitness became a reality with the help (and a strong nudge) from Charlene’s wife and business partner, Renee, who oversaw every detail of converting the old Kennett Square Fire House on Broad Street into a contemporary, beautifully designed fitness space. And they’ve never looked back.

Since the opening of its doors, Charlene and Renee have welcomed two beautiful sons into their ANCHOR family. Spencer and Sawyer often join the ANCHOR Outdoor Adventure group for weekly hikes and nature adventures, including their most recent 10-mile trek to the top of Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacle Loop. Fitness, after all, is a family affair.

As any small business owner attests, running a business is challenging. And, in the predominantly male-dominated fitness industry, this LGBTQ+, women-owned business would seemingly have the odds stacked against them. But almost eight years and one COVID pandemic later, ANCHOR has not just survived but thrived, becoming a mainstay of Kennett Square. This success story is a testament to their resilience and the strength of their commitment to the community. From hosting Santa & Mrs. Claus after the Kennett Square Holiday Light Parade to running a fitness program for After-The-Bell students from Kennett Middle School to running free nutrition seminars for local youth sports teams and businesses and even launching a weekly Podcast: The Doc & The Jock, giving back to the place that has embraced them wholeheartedly is all part of the master plan to help build a stronger, healthier community.

From middle school athletes to members 75 years young, every person who walks through the front door of ANCHOR is embraced by a positive, supportive community. Members thrive together in this safe space, where they can be themselves while working towards their health and fitness goals. Whether they have never touched a kettlebell or are self-proclaimed gym rats, ANCHOR is a place where they are challenged to get stronger, meet personal goals, and live their best lives. “I don’t work a day of my life,” explains Charlene. “I get to come in, be surrounded by amazing people, and help make them stronger…is there anything better than that?”

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