Kennett Square is no ordinary community, and Artelo, Kennett’s newest hotel, is no ordinary hotel.

Artelo invites you to discover Kennett Square through an artistic lens. Each of their 14 rooms features immersive, original artwork by a different artist with a unique style.

Artelo’s opening celebration on Thursday, July 11, 2024 will provide a unique opportunity to see all 14 art installations at once and meet some of the creative forces behind the project. After that, you’ll just have to book 14 staycations in Kennett to get the full experience!

Curating Regional Artists

The art installations extend beyond the wall to create an immersive experience, as seen in this work in progress by muralist Wingchow.

Before joining the Kennett Collaborative team, I worked for an organization that supported young artists, so when Square Roots Collective, which owns Artelo, invited me to help select the artists for this new hotel experience unlike any other, I was especially excited!

Kennett Square is just 30 miles west of Philadelphia, a city well known for its beautiful public murals, so I knew there would be a huge talent pool to draw from. In the end, we found incredible creators from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and New York.

As curators, our imperative was to select artists to authentically represent the diversity of our regional communities. We sought individuals whose creative voices echoed the myriad of cultures and perspectives found within our area. We didn’t just want art for arts sake; we wanted pieces that resonate deeply. That’s why we urged our artists to reference their own stories and experiences into their work.

Over the past several months, these artists have been busy sketching, painting, installing, and perfecting their visions at Artelo, located on the corner of Broad Street and Birch Street just across from Borough Hall and Kennett Square’s soon-to-be-completed Police Station. I’ve enjoyed peaking in on them as they work, seeing the concepts that they pitched come to life.

“This has really been a dream project in so many ways,” says multi-disciplinary artist Christian Kanienberg of Wilmington, Delaware. “To celebrate a piece of this area’s culture, the open and collaborative nature of the project–and I love that Square Roots is giving back. That this project is going to also do so much good, is awesome.”

Wilmington-based artist Christian Kanienberg working on a unique mural at Artelo in Kennett Square.

Supporting a Thriving Community

In 2021, Square Roots Collective launched a new sustainable model for community improvement with the formation of the Square Roots Community Initiative (SRCI). SRCI is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization, a category of nonprofits operated exclusively to promote social welfare. SRCI owns for-profit initiatives, including Artelo, The Creamery, and a number of real estate holdings in town. The profits from these businesses are invested right back into community improvements through its welfare projects and grants to other local nonprofits.

This means when you book a room at Artelo, you are supporting the projects and organizations that Square Roots has invested in, including the Borough of Kennett Square, United Way of Southern Chester County, Family Promise of Southern Chester County, Kennett Trails Alliance, Voices Underground, Brandywine Red Clay Alliance, Lincoln University Foundation, Casa Guanajuato, Good Samaritan Services, and, though its partnership with Kennett’s Holiday Village Market, Kennett Collaborative.

“The last thing I ever thought I would do is paint in a hotel,” says artist Robert C. Jackson, “As a local of Kennett Square, I’ve seen the efforts of Square Roots to make this a better place year after year. So, when I was asked, it seemed like my chance to chip in and make a little difference. Anything that can make this town more unique and better is worth it.”

Kennett Collaborative, which began as a revitalization taskforce in 1986, has long known Kennett Square to be among the most beautiful small towns in America. And now, with the addition of this new hotel and its stunning murals, Kennett Square just got a little more beautiful.

Liz Maycox working on an art installation in one of the rooms at Artelo in Kennett Square.

Grand Opening Celebration on July 11

Join us Thursday, July 11 to see Kennett’s newest art installations and the unique hotel rooms that house them. Meet some of the artists who created the art, hear more about the process and learn about how Artelo will be more than just a unique hotel; as part of a greater mission for our community. Square Roots will be opening the hotel up to public, offering a limited edition print. After the opening, join us at The Creamery for an after-party with small bites, a full bar, and live music from 6-10 pm.

The Art of the Stay

Artelo is accepting reservations beginning August 1. You can book your stay at